Monofilament Screen Printing Mesh

Monofilament Screen Printing Mesh
Item code: SCR012



Monofilament screen printing mesh - choose between 32T (opaque on textiles), 43T (textiles), 55T (textiles) 77T (finer textiles), 90T (paper) and 120T (very fine detail on paper). Available in 1 metre units but cut as one continuous length e.g. if you purchase 3 units you will be sent a piece of mesh 3 metres in length. 115cm wide.

32T mesh is white and priced at 9 per metre
43T mesh is white and priced at 9 per metre
55T mesh is white and priced at 11 per metre (Currently out of stock)
77T mesh is yellow and priced at 12.50 per metre
90T mesh is yellow and priced at 16 per metre
120T mesh is yellow and priced at 22 per metre

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