Screentec Tprint Screen Printing Inks

Screentec Tprint Screen Printing Inks
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Screentec Tprint Screen Printing Inks

Waterbased, transparent textile ink for use on light coloured fabrics made of natural fibres. Extremely high pigmentations and rich colours. Dyes the fibre and gives a soft, tactile print. A little more liquid than standard textile inks, we have found they less likely to dry into your screen and create blockages. Mix with T-200 Transparent base to give greater transparency. Heat set using an iron or heat press. Available in 250g @ 8.75, 500g @ 13 and 1kg @ 19.50 (selected colours). Colours available: Black, Mixing White, Yellow, Mid Yellow, Brown, Orange, Vermilion, Red, Ruby Red, Violet, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Green, Process Yellow, Process Magenta and Process Cyan.

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